Frequently Ask Questions

It takes a few days for the body to start detoxifying. You will not run to the bathroom but slowly start to feel a difference in your digestion the more you consume our tea. We provide a formula that cuts down on hunger, removes toxins from your body and provides a balanced energy.

It’s your decision if you would like to follow our nutrition plan. If you have your own plan you would like to follow that is perfectly fine. The purpose of tea Is to help overcome hunger to send signals to the brain that you’re full and improve metabolism to burn fat faster.

Some brands will claim that you can eat whatever you would like and still meet your goals just by using their product. Don’t believe that, it’s a false claim! Our teas, although they improve digestion, the main purpose is to aim at the core issue, to fight hunger and reduce cravings, whilst detoxifying the body.

If you’re a heavy coffee drinker you will not receive the surge of energy that is created through caffeine, that essentially leads to your body crashing throughout the day. However, two days into the program your body will start to adjust and our teas and will provide the right amount of energy without the jitters and afternoon caffeine crash.

Yes, if you feel that you need a second cup of Kickstart that is perfectly fine.

We provide our nutrition book for free, if you’re able stick to the plan without the assistance of our tea. We are more than happy to hear that and please let us hear about it!

Yes, we recommend to use the same leaves twice. When you make your cup in the morning please set them aside to reuse later in the day.

We are sure you know this already but our teas are formulated by scientist and not mass produced for commercial sale.  We only purchase premium ingredients and some of these ingredients are hard to find and come from various countries. Replacing or removing certain ingredients will affect the formula and effectiveness of the tea. We will not substitute quality for cost. If its broken-down by cost per cup, that’s $1.51 a cup on a 28-day program.

Yes, you can download our scientific research paper that was created by a third party in the “Science behind the teas section

Yes, we only use natural ingredients.

We always recommend to consult with your physician first.

On some of the programs we offer free worldwide shipping